AVG System Optimizer (Memory and Cache Cleaner for Android)


A straightforward system optimizer, AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner for android comes with advanced battery improvement, together with customizable battery profiles, and automatic improvement options. Though it’s an efficient utility, it does not clean all residual files and may be slow from time to time. Use AVG Cleaner to observe, erase, clear and clean junk files & unwanted apps from your device’s internal and SD card to assist boost speed and create house for the apps, music & photos you actually love.


AVG Cleaner works automatically and runs routine memory improvement thus you do not have to be compelled to. Our motor vehicle Maintenance feature runs regular improvement of your cache, history and calls and enables you to grasp what else you’ll safely take away. Simply set it up to automatically run at a daily or weekly frequency reckoning on your usage level and obtainable memory and house.

AVG Cleaner

Get your phone tidied up and clear up house to assist it run drum sander and faster and boost speed and performance. Eliminate unwanted RAM cache memory information, previous browser history or decision logs to form additional space for storing obtainable for the apps and information you would like.

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We’ve all got an excessive amount of unwanted stuff on our phones and tablets – things that take an excessive amount of memory and apps that we now not use. AVG Cleaner not solely enables you to quickly pack up your browser, decision and text histories, however additionally helps you determine and take away unwanted cached memory to induce your device running at its best.



Free up house

AVG Cleaner enables you to quickly pack up your browser history, yet as identifies and removes unwanted cached memory.

  • Delete your browser, clipboard, or transfer history to liberate very important memory on your mobile.
  • Identify and pack up any superfluous cached memory, which can have an effect on device performance.
  • Make space for brand new apps by deleting those you do not use or need to any extent further on your SD card.

Monitor memory and storage


Find out what proportion of your tablet memory and storage is getting used up by cached memory, which can be deceleration down your device or feeding up valuable space for storing on your SB card.

  • See quantity of outgoing/incoming calls and text messages.
  • View quantity of memory keep per class, resembling browser, writing board and downloads.
  • Review a listing of cached memory per app.



Customize your preferences

Remove the effort by programming regular clean ups to stay your device running swimmingly.

  • Optimize your phone with customizable controls.
  • Set the time for deleting unwanted cached processes.

Fast created and user-friendly options

  • With fast and {simple} installation you’ll jump right in and begin improvement up your phone during a few simple clicks.

Wrap Up

AVG Cleaner could be a free app for your android phone or pill that’s designed to liberate precious memory and boost your device’s performance. The app enables you to not solely quickly pack up your browser, calling, and text electronic messaging (SMS) histories, however additionally helps you determine and take away apps’ unwanted cached information. AVG Cleaner will run on each android phones and tablets, however the app layout is phone oriented. To put in and run AVG Cleaner, you would like a smartphone or pill running android 2.2 or higher. If you would like to stay the history of 1 of the on top of sections, merely uncheck the checkbox for that section. It’s additionally attainable to wash the history of different apps like Google Play. AVG Cleaner will liberate house by deleting applications’ cached information. when sound the “Cache” tile, you’ll decide either to clear all cached data or to try and do it per app. Clearing a personal app’s cache will be done by sound the app’s name, which can open the “App info” page below your device’s Settings & Application Manager section. From there, merely tap the “Clear cache” button to clear that app’s cache.

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